G. Shainer - Interconnect Your Future.pptx 4.62 MB
G. Nimako, EJ Otoo & M. Sears - Hyperspectral Data Storage.pdf 2.23 MB
R. Bredehoft - HPC Technology Session.pdf 21.1 MB
S. Holland - CPU Power.pptx 1.89 MB
M. Hilgeman - Empowering efficient HPC with Dell.pptx 1.81 MB
T. Fisher - HPC, Now and into the Future.pptx 1.21 MB
D. Stanziona - The Stampede Supercomputer.pptx 43.25 MB
M. Ashworth - Computational Science at STFC and the exploitation of Noval HPC Architectures.pptx 4.97 MB
TK. Petersen - HPC Storage Current Status and Futures.pptx 3.14 MB
R. Catlow & S Woodley - Material Chemistry with HPC.pptx

24.17 MB

N. Thorne - CHPC and ACE Lab Human Capital Development.pdf 66.69 MB
TK. Petersen - Optimizing Performance of HPC Storage Systems.pptx 1.34 MB
TK. Petersen - Advanced Lustre Infrastructure Monitoring.pptx 9.49 MB
G. Nimako, EJ. Otoo & M. Sears - A PGAS I/O for Hyperspectral Data Storage.pdf 2.29 MB
TK. Petersen - Optimizing Performance of HPC Storage Systems.pptx 1.34 MB
B. Devlin - Big Data; Fact, fiction or fabrication.pptx 2.76 MB
T. Sterling - Breaking with the Past for Exascale Computing.pptx 47.2 MB
G. Chukkapalli & W. Blake - SW and HW System Architecture for Big Data.pdf 2.38 MB
D. Ohene-Kwofie & E. Otoo - The Case for EPGASS.pdf 828 KB
G. Paciucci - Understanding I/O performance of data intensive astronomy applications with Lustre monitoring tools.pptx 1.46 MB
P. van Heusden - HPC Forum.pdf 558 KB
R. Bredehoft - HPC Technology Session.pdf 21.68 MB
JR. Janz - Centre of Information Technology RUG.pptx 13.96 MB
P. Calleja - SKA.pptx 12.73 MB
HMS Plenary.pptx 1.03 MB
G. Jones - Computational Modelling within Johnson Matthey Technology Centre.pptx 10.25 MB
S. Moshapo - Stimulating and Intensifying Technology Innovation.pptx 478 KB
W. jv Rensburg - HPC Utilization at Sasol Technology R&D.pptx 2.74 MB
G. Shainer - Interconnect your future.pptx 4.74 MB
M. Spargo - Discover your Parallel Universe.pptx 235 MB
M. Danoher - Acceleration of Hair Simulation in Autodesk Sorftimage using Graphics Hardware.pdf 6.88 MB
M. Cawood - Performance Analysis of Virtualization for HPC.pptx 3.27 MB
P. Hatton - The Birmingham Environment for Academic Research.pptx 2.01 MB
R. Ilgner & DB. Davidson - Comparing processing efficiency.pdf 927 KB
F. Spiga - Achievements and challenges.pptx 2.43 MB
T. Fisher - HPC Cloud: Hype or Reality.pptx 2.66 MB
V. Lopes & A. Carvalho - HPC in Angola?.pptx 2.12 MB
JD. Intsiful & C. Onime - UNDP Africa Adaptation Programme.pdf 4.07 MB
D. Powell - NCSA Evolution of an HPC Center.pptx 14.67 MB
O. Clement - Towards pan-African acceptance of HPC.pdf 633 KB
D. Stanzione - The Ranger Supercomputer and ots legacy.pptx 10.45 MB
Dr. J. Horrell - Square Kilometer.pdf 13.57 MB
HPC Framework.pdf 80 KB
A. Morgan - SADC HPC Workshop.pptx 1.08 MB
A. Nungu - Proposed Strategy for HPC and Data Management in Tanzania.pdf 149 KB
Dr. T. Motshegwa - University of Botswana.pptx 5.41 MB
HPC Zambia.pptx 105 KB
I. Munyardzi & K. Dandajena - HPC & Data Management needs for Zimbabwe.pptx 593 KB
B. Honarparvar, H.G. Kruger, T. Govender, GEM. Maguire - Pentacycloundecane vs lactone norstatine type HIV protease inhibitors.pptx 3.03 MB
Ab initio study of the mechanical electronic, thermal and optical properties of Ge2Sb2Te5 .pdf 771 KB
MS. Mabakane - HPC users and administrators workshop.pptx 9.2 MB
N. de Leeuw - Biomaterials Simulations using HPC.pptx 15.51 MB
MC. Masedi, HM. Sithole - Computational studies on advanced Lithium batteries for electronic devices and electric vehicles.pptx 1,768 KB
AA. Adeniyi - Rational design of Ru(ll)-based anticancer complexes.pptx 3.47 MB
D. Yuefan - Supercomputer applications in Biomedical Engineering.pptx 55.63 MB
Fossil Fuel Foundation.pptx 8.62 MB
O. Arodola - QSAR study.pptx 14.35 MB
KG. v Eschwege & J. Conradie - DFT Studies of Photochromic Mercury Complexes.pptx

8.9 MB

S. Moonsamy - Diverse computational methods for effective drug therapies against HIV.pptx 18.63 MB
T. Dietel - Computing for ALICE at the LHC.pptx 1.34 MB
PL. Prinsloo, MS. Potgieter & R. du T. Strauss - Modelling the acceleration of cosmic rays in the outer heliosphere.pdf 2.07 MB
MD. Ngobeni & MS. Potgieter - A study of the global heliospheric modulation of galactic Carbon.pptx 1.14 MB
P. Dunzlaff - Modelling of vharged particle transport.pdf 6.32 MB
Brain-morphological changes.pptx 1.11 MB
A. Kopp, I. Busching, MS. Potgieter and R. du Toit Strauss - Galactic proton propagation.pptx 1.93 MB
Mintek - Modelling Electrical Conductivity of Molten Slag Systems.pdf 828 KB
M. Vorster - Modelling in the Evolution of Pulsar Wind Nebulae.pptx 1.8 MB
PG. Wiid - Electromagnetic Simulation Tools for MeerKAT.pdf 1.8 MB
NM. Mwasaga - Quantum Computing.pptx 2.67 MB
M. Senekane, A. Mirza & F. Petruccione - Quantum Computing.pdf 3.45 MB
P. Braam - HPC data becomes Big Data.pdf 1.09 MB
F. Spanier, A. Ivanscenko & C. Schreiner - Particle-in-cell Methods for Space Science.pdf 6.18 MB
S. February - Testing the Copernican Principle.pdf 14.8 MB
C. Ouma & W. Meyer - Metastability of the boron-vacancy complex.pptx 4.23 MB
M. Landman - Computational and experimental structural studies of selected chromium monocarbene complexes.pptx 2.31 MB






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