A. Adeniyi - The Prediction of Organometallic anticaner complexes using computational docking.pdf 443 KB
A. Duniya - Relativistic Corrections to the power spectrum with quintessence dark energy.pdf 728 KB
A. Lopis - Modelling of Slags in the Molten Slate.pdf 383 KB
A. Matshidiso - Computational Prediction & Characterization of a Transcriptome.pdf 929 KB
A. Ratsimbazafy - The Clustering of Radio Galaxies.pdf 2,047 KB
A. Robin - The effect of correlation on noise estimation in hyperspectral imagery.pdf 861 KB
A. Ukpong - Defect Cascade dynamics in monolayer hexagonal boran mitride.pdf 598 KB
Adebayo - Understanding the complexity, stability, mechanism of activation.pdf 422 KB
AJ Otto - Computational Electromagnetics for the Sqaure Kilometre Array Project.pdf 14,021 KB
B. Merry - Moving Least-Squares Reconstruction of Massive Models on GPU's.pdf 2,714 KB
B. Muhire - SDT a virus species classification tool.pdf 1,447 KB
C. Masedi - First Principle studies of reactive products.pdf 5,391 KB
C. Ouma - Ab inito Study of Bistable CsCi defect pair in silicon.pdf 3,204 KB
D. Sept - Quantifying the Pharmacoktinetic Behavior of Nanoparticle Therapeutics.pdf 8,343 KB
Dariusz Cieslakiewicz - High-Performance cluster analysis.pdf 1,006 KB
E Kasai - The Type la Supernova Rate in Intermediate Redshift Galaxy Clusters.pdf 1,125 KB
E. Otoo - Chunked Extendible Array for the physical storage of Multi-Dimensional Datasets.pdf 1,386 KB
E. Zhou - An Implicit Preconditioned GMRES Solver for Graphic Processing.pdf 1,701 KB
G. Vacek - Better Computing for Better Bioinformatics.pdf 1,200 KB
GJCWessels - Using CFD & a overlapping grid to model low temp oxidation process.pdf 2,452 KB
H. Odhiambo - Ab Inito Studies of Mechanical & Electronic Properties of Ge2SbTe5.pdf 575 KB
H. SITHOLE - CHPC Operations & Growth Initiatives.pdf 551 KB


I Navizet - Bioluminescence investigated at CATSPT2 & QMMM level.pdf

4,086 KB
I. Girotto- Enabling the Quantum.pdf 3,077 KB
J Heyns - openSim.pdf 1,514 KB
J. Ridl - Weak Gravitational Lensing in ther CMB.pdf 4,497 KB
K. Moodley - Science with Atacama Cosmology Telescope.pdf 8,665 KB
K. Obodo - Engineering of the band offset in boro-nitrene zigzag short structure.pdf 967 KB
K. von Eschwege - DFT & TDDT reaction path structures & tautomer determination in gas phase & solution.pdf 912 KB
L. Cloete - ICT RDT Roadmap.pdf 1,664 KB
M MASENYA - Computational Studies of Precious Metal.pdf 1,890 KB
M. Glee - Algebraic Multigrid in Fluid-Structure.pdf 7,451 KB
M. Roberts - Molecular structure of selected SA coal chars.pdf 3,716 KB
M. SEARS -The Intrinsic Dimension of Hyperspectral Data.pdf 1,954 KB
M.E. Ramaboka - Automatic Speech Recognition for People with Speech Disorders.pdf 691 KB
MJ Manaileng - Robust Connected-digits recognition for under-resourced languages using hidden Markov Models.pdf  
MJ Manaileng Robust Connected digits recognition for under resourced languages using hidden Markov Models.pdf 900 KB
N. Dzade - A Density Functional Theory Study of the Effect of Interstitional Transition.pdf 4,757 KB
N. Mpofu - Object Identification in Ultrasound Scans.pdf 396 KB
O. Oxtoby - Computational Modeling of two-phase flow in porous metal.pdf 1,315 KB
P. Marais - Efficient Compression of Molecular Dynamics trajectory files.pdf 396 KB
P. Mkhonto - Computational Modeling of Symtetic Nickel-rich Pentlandite surfaces.pdf 2,166 KB
P. van Heusden - Building a flexible comuting enviroment for bioinformatics.pdf 1,503 KB
P. Wise - Relationship between infarct size & impairment of cardiac function in the rat model.pdf 1,877 KB
R. Harris - Theoretical Investigation of the Oxidative Properties.pdf 4,361 KB
R. Klein - Surface & Volumetric Parametrisation using Harmonic Functions.pdf 4,780 KB
R. Matengaifa - Investigating Catalytic Properties of Near Surface Alloys using Density Functional Theory Calculations.pdf 759 KB
R. Miller - Intra-myocardial distribution & infarct stage affect.pdf 2,840 KB
R. Rama - Computational study of the injection therapy for myocardial infraction.pdf 1,201 KB
R. Suliman - Extension of the OpenFOAM CFD tool.pdf 2,970 KB
S, Samui - High Redshift galaxy formation.pdf 1,419 KB
S. Randriamampandrey - Muti-Wavelength studies of cluster star forming galaxies.pdf 2,288 KB
S. Wallach - Big Data Ops vs Flops.pdf 2,515 KB
Sticks - Administration of supercomputing systems.pdf 1,012 KB
T. Ford - An ab inito study of the properties of lithium-bonded complexes.pdf 1,536 KB
T. Franz - HPC for simulation & modeling of cardiac infarction for the development of novel & effective treatment.pdf 2,826 KB
T. Simon - Using Bayesian Methods to recover parameters from galaxies.pdf 11,990 KB
Z. Phiri - Coal structure elucidation using high resolution transmission electron Microscopy.pdf 1,768 KB

2013 Presentations
Presentations for the 2013 National Meeting will be posted shortly after the event.





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